Eastern Suburbs Luxury House:
The house was designed to sit harmoniously within the landscape. Two Wings are set seamlessly into the hill, an underground connection forms a poetic connection between the living and bedroom quarters and the site.

The creation of a luxury family home and holiday retreat on a picturesque site in the Southern Highlands, NSW. The main site for dwelling located on a hill side with panoramic views over the estate and valley beyond.

“Our initial instinct was to tuck the bedroom wing into the bottom of the hill creating a close connection to the paddock for the private resting areas. The Living wing floats above capturing the view and changing lighting conditions of the surrounding landscape throughout the day. From the bedrooms you can experience the sounds of nature in the paddock and down into the rainforest.”

A series of landscape interventions make up the form and programme.

The house is broken into two wings; a bedroom wing and a main living wing with a connection via an underground stair case.

The roof is planted to further dissolve the building in the landscape. The design makes use of sustainable passive heating and cooling methods.

Both dining and living spaces have large, glazed openings capturing both the eastern and western view of the valley.

The kitchen has access to the views through each of the adjoining spaces it connects. A service and circulation area is located discretely behind the main living spaces.

The lower bedroom wing is located below creating comfortable private sleeping quarters.