Best Houses In Australia
A floating concrete element creates a heightened threshold between the vernacular inspired form of the upper level addition and the contemporary open space below.

Best House involved the carefully considered alteration and addition to an existing 1950’s brick, post war home in Croydon. Located in a heritage conservation area, the site consists of parklands directly adjacent to the front and rear of the property.

The floating concrete element appears to be supported by glass, the extensive glazed openings allows the changing light to track the internal living area throughout the day.

Our process consisted of a series of interventions that evolved around strict heritage control.

The primary building form is retained, and a new concrete structure is introduced to the rear of the property.

This structure acts as a physical buffer between the existing building and the new and altered contemporary spaces as well as a landscaped plinth to sit the upper-level form.

A roof garden is positioned on the upper level between the addition and the original roof.

The upper level form is inspired by the vernacular however consists of subtle and variations to its contemporary form. Furthermore, the form consists of an angular cut out to allow an existing tree to grow through.